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About Us

Scrub-A-Dub is a new Garbage and Recycle Bin Cleaning
company serving Wesley Chapel, Land O’ Lakes, Lutz, New Tampa, Odessa, & Carrollwood

My name is Jennifer Trudel and I have been a resident of Wesley Chapel for 14 years. I’ve seen our community grow from open pastures to a bustling community. Our residents are proud of their homes and the area we live. As we continue to grow, more families spend time in the community from sporting events and recreational activities to malls, plus (unfortunately) traffic. Our lives are so busy: we hire companies to maintain our pools, house cleaning, and lawn maintenance, just to name a few. Scrub-A-Dub is designed to give you an affordable maintenance program to provide cleaner and healthier homes and ultimately communities by providing a trash/recycle can sanitizing and deodorizing service. Once you realize you never have to do the nasty task again, you’ll never look back. It’s the Scrub-A-Dub difference!

Why use Scrub-A-Dub?

No one wants to clean a garbage can. It is an unpleasant task that takes you away from things you’d rather be doing. The fact is you cannot clean your trash bins as thoroughly or as efficiently as Scrub-A-Dub.

  • Affordable
  • Environmentally responsible (all products are 100% biodegradable)
  • Convenient curbside service
  • Bins are 99.9% free of harmful bacteria, viruses, and mold

  • Regular cleanings will eliminate flies, maggots, cockroaches, and ants in addition to pests like raccoons and rodents
  • Healthier to prevent the spread of germs
  • Conserves water

Residents Should NOT Be Cleaning Their Trash Bins

Most residents use a garden hose for spraying and rinsing

The problem: Water is not hot enough to sanitize

Residents may use as much as 50 gallons of water to clean and rinse their bins

The problem: This process doesn’t conserve water

They may use bleach, dish soap, and/or a detergent

The problem: This process is not eco-friendly. It allows grey water to flow into storm drains contaminating our community waters.

We normally bag our trash so it stays clean

The problem: Plastic bags inevitably tear and split allowing juices from spoiled food, dirty diapers, cat litter, and dog poop seep out and ferment in our hot environment creating grime, muck, and nasty odors

Garbage Bin Cleaning Service Wesley Chapel

Trash Bin Cleaning Service Wesley Chapel

Garbage Bin Cleaning Service Wesley Chapel

The Scrub-A-Dub Difference

 DIY CleanScrub-A-Dub Clean
No Environmental Impact
Kills 99.9% of Bacteria
Bins Smell Fresh
Saves Time for You
Regular Monthly Cleanings

Better for the Environment

Green Seal Certified ProductsWe only use eco-friendly, biodegradable, disinfectants, and deodorizers. Our trucks are entirely self-contained so the dirty water generated from the cleaning process is reclaimed back into the truck. There is no run-off into storm drains which make their way to our local lakes and ponds. We leave no evidence that we have there except your sanitized and deodorized bins.

Our Promise

From our specialized equipment, our environmentally conscious operation to our 100% biodegradable cleaning products we pride ourselves in our “no effect” on the environment promise.

With our monthly service you can have odor free, sanitized bins all the time!
We keep it green and clean!

Start Today!

Benefits of Clean Cans

100% Germ Free from Wheelie Bin Cleaning

Bins will be free of bacteria

No Inscets from Garbage Bin Cleaning Wesley Chapel

Clean bins will not attract insects

No rodents Garbage Can Cleaning Company

No leftover food keeps rodents and other vermin away

Smell Fresh Air Garbage Bin Cleaning

Smell of fresh and clean cans!


A great service at a great price! My trash cans haven't been this clean since the day they were dropped off. Highly recommend!
Joshua G.
Wonderful job on my gross, disgusting trash can! It actually doesn't smell anymore. I highly recommend Jennifer and her new business. Very reasonable prices! Excellent service!
Clyde T.
What a great service! She did an excellent job. My husband said "we need to be careful what we throw in the trash now" because it's so clean!
Linda M.
Excellent service. Recommend to anyone who owns a home in the Wesley Chapel area.
Stephen K.
We had our first cleaning today and can’t believe how clean our trash can looks. It was left in an absolutely filthy, disgusting condition by the previous owners, but now it looks brand new! This service is definitely worth the low fee they charge.
Christine K.
What an amazing service! My bin is finally allowed back in the garage (Lol) Thanks Jennifer @scrubadubbins you did a phenomenal job.
Stacey T.
Excellent service. Recommend to anyone who owns a home in the Wesley Chapel area.
Stephen K.
Scrub-A-Dub Power Wash cleaned our sidewalks and driveway of dirt and mold bringing them back to new! We live in an HOA and are required to maintain the look of our neighborhood (for all the right reasons). Jennifer and Scrub-A-Dub helped us do just that – I would highly recommend their service!
John M.
Your service was impeccable, much more than I ever expected. It is probably the cleanest it has ever been since it was new. I inherited this can over 2 years ago when I purchased this home. I am unable to clean it myself so I was thrilled to learn of your business. Thanks so much for your commitment to your customers.
Mrs. S. C.